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Marj Barlow

Dr. Marj Barlow has had more than 40 years of experience as a teacher, mentor, counselor, therapist, and relationship coach. She and her husband Paul have not only a successful and joyful 40 year marriage but are good friends with their five adult children.

At this age and stage of her life, Marj enjoys being a change agent who provides a sounding board, bringing you as a unique individual to your own potential—realizing your unexplored and unexpressed possibilities. She is a good role model for women and has served as a developmental advisor to corporate management teams.

What she does for her clients:

Life and Career Development. Life design.

Awareness of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors.

Becoming your very best self. Maximizing your possibilities. Following your unique spiral of growth and development in the most positive way.

Connecting with Marj, a Wise Grandmother who can help you get your life story into a form you can live with.

Taking stock and taking charge of your life. Creating your life long compass of joy.

Making changes or staying put. Relationship enhancement. Understanding your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. Owning your power. Finding your strengths. Using your talents. Applying your aptitudes. Conscious Intending. Goals and expectations. Formula for success.

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